Someone once said that when a photographer – who does not yet know that they are a photographer – picks up a camera for the first time, it grabs them by the lapels and screams in their face: PAY ATTENTION! This moment occurred for Steven Lungley when he was working as a graphic designer at a community newspaper.

Steven’s childhood interest in comic books lead to nine years of art school, studying graphic design and film production. One winter he got a graphics job at a community newspaper. A few months in, he asked if he could shoot a photo assignment, which was printed on the cover of the paper. This lead to another assignment and then another. Steven was hooked and from that point forward his photos were in print – somewhere in the world – every week for the next 500 weeks.

On wedding day, Steven loves staging scenes on location, marrying the lens choice to the placement of the people in front of the lens to the background chosen to create iconic images with cinematic qualities. He delights in setting up sequences that result in multiple images for the final album. His art school background in film and graphics always comes through.

In his career, Steven’s images have been appeared in magazines, newspapers, TV shows and advertisements, on the covers of books, CDs and DVDs. He has exhibited and sold his fine-art prints to collectors around the globe, been a director of photography for film and television, and a party columnist. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter.